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Private Practitioners and Barristers

The Board maintains a number of panels of private solicitors and barristers to complement its law centre service.

Further information for Private Practitioners who are already on the Board's Panels.

Panels of solicitors
The first panel covers solicitors who provide services in relation to divorce and separation cases for the Board. This panel was established in October 2006.There are formal terms and conditions for this panel. While there is a single panel, for ease of reference it is listed by county.

The second panel includes solicitors who provide representation in relation to District Court cases such as domestic violence, maintenance, custody, access and guardianship cases. Again, there is a single panel, but for ease of reference it is listed by county.

Solicitors wishing to apply to join the Board’s panel for District Court matters should contact the Board’s Private Practitioner Centre. Membership of the panel for divorce and separation cases is currently closed.

Panel of barristers
The Board maintains a panel of barristers who provide services in individual cases on behalf of clients of the Board. Barristers interested in joining the panel are required to complete an application form and sign up to the terms and conditions of membership of the panel. The application form should be sent to the Legal Services Unit, Legal Aid Board, Quay St, Cahirciveen, Co Kerry. Details of the operation of the panel, including the fee structure are set out in the terms and conditions.

Service for Asylum Services Private Practitioner Scheme
The Board's Service for Asylum Seekers engages the services of private solicitors to submit appeals on behalf of legally aided asylum applicants and represent them before the Refugee Appeals Tribunal. The Service for Asylum Seekers decides whether a particular case should be referred to a private practitioner solicitor (PP) on the basis of the level of cases on hand and the capacity to deal with cases in-house.

The Service for Asylum Seekers solicitors’ panel is maintained in accordance with the addendum to the Private Practitioner Scheme of the Legal Aid Board.

Solicitors who are interested in joining the Service for Asylum Seekers solicitors’ panel should contact the Legal Services Unit of the Service for Asylum Seekers.