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The Refugee Documentation Centre (RDC) is an independent library and research service within the Legal Aid Board and was established in late 2000 as an independent unit providing Country of Origin Information (COI) services to the agencies involved in the asylum process. The RDC is part of a larger unit within the Board known as the Research and Information Unit (RIU). The RIU is an integrated Library and Research Service comprising the Refugee Documentation Centre, the Legal Aid Board Library and other information activities supporting the work of the Board and agencies of the Department of Justice and Equality (DJE). The Legal Aid Board Library was co-located with the RDC in 2006 with the objective of providing a library, research and information service to all Board staff, especially those in Law Centres. Unlike the Refugee Documentation Centre, the Legal Aid Board Library is not publicly accessible.

The role of the Refugee Documentation Centre is as follows:

> to provide a research and query service for all organisations involved in the asylum process.

> to build and maintain a collection of objective and up to date country of origin (COI), asylum, immigration and human rights information.

> to undertake other research activities and provide a lending and research library service.

> to provide training on country of origin information research.

> to cooperate with similar agencies elsewhere to enhance knowledge of the country of origin research area.

The RDC has connected its COI database Eolas to the EU COI Portal. This project was co-funded by the European Refugee Fund.

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Information Leaflet
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The Researcher

Please click here to access all issues of The Researcher, a publication of the Refugee Documentation Centre.

A selection of our country packs and query responses are available on Refworld and