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Restricting a case on EOS

Procedure 5.1 Restricting a case on EOS

Use this procedure with caution! Once a case has been restricted, only the persons to which the case has been restricted can access the case. There is no way for IT to remove a restriction placed on a case – only  a user to whom the case has been restricted can do so.

  1. Click on the twisty beside the case number and person’s name.
  2. Click the “Restrict Case” link
  3. Use the “Resources for case law centre” combo box to select the names of the users to which you are restricting the case to.
  4. Click the “Restrict Case” button.

Only persons to whom the case has been restricted have access to the case on EOS. This also means that, if a case is restricted by a user in Legal Services, and they do not include law centre staff on the list of users to whom the cases is restricted, a situation may arise where a law centre is unable to access its own case.

A restricted case will not appear on EOS reports that are run by staff, including Head Office staff, who do not have access to the case.