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Stamping a deed of transfer

Procedure 4.1 How to have a deed of transfer e-stamped

The process of stamping a deed of transfer is as follows:

  1. The form below should be completed and returned by email to  estamp@legalaidboard.ie
  2. On receipt of the form, it will be entered on to the Revenue website
  3. The Revenue website will issue  the Stamp Duty Certificate.
  4. The certificate will be issued by email  along with a copy of the Stamp Duty return to the person who made the request.
  5. In the event where the stamp  duty is incorrect, an amended (stamp duty) certificate can be applied for.

Stamp Duty E- Filing

 1 Instrument Details
Category of Instrument                                                              Conveyance/Transfer of Property
Date of Execution

2 Instrument Party Details

Name of  Vendor1
Tax Reference Number

Name of  Vendor2 ( If Any)
Tax Reference Number
Name of  Vendor3 ( If Any)
Tax Reference Number

Solicitor/Agent for vendor ( If any)
Name of Purchaser1
Tax Reference Number
Name of Purchaser2 ( If Any)
Tax Reference Number

Name of Purchaser3 ( If Any)
Tax Reference Number

Relation between Vendor/Purchaser ( If Any)

3 Property Details

Type of Property                                                                                                     Residential
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Folio Number
Type of Contract ( if any)
Local Property Tax Number
Type of Property (House/Apartment)
Size of Property(Estimated)

Purchaser information (Owner Occupier/ First time buyer)

4 Consideration Information
Valuation (Estimated)
Consideration( If any)                                                                                          €

5 Relief Claimed ( S97 SDCA 1999  for dissolution of marriage)