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Solicitor must submit appeal without delay

It is essential that once an applicant has decided to appeal to the Committee, the appeal must be submitted without delay. You should ensure that the appeal is submitted having regard to the possible expiry of the statute of limitations and any court dates that may be pending. If necessary, contact Legal Services with a view to having the appeal heard at the earliest possible date.  If a delay occurs, give an explanation why.

Procedure 6.1 Submitting an appeal to an appeal committee of the Board

  1. Open the case.
  2. Click on the “Documents” tab.
  3. Click on “Add New Document”, then choose “AAA.Appeal Committee Submission” from Other Templates. Give it a name such as “Appeal Committee Submission 1st September 2012”. Click “Add Document”.
  4. Click the Appeal Committee Submission you have just created. When the Download File dialog box appears, click Open.
  5. Complete the appeal committee submission in Microsoft Word. When finished, click the “EOS” tab in the Word Ribbon and click “Publish to EOS”.
  6. Click the “Available to Legal Services” checkbox beside the Appeal Committee submission.
  7. Click on the Submissions tab on the case and clicking the “SUBx” link to the submission.
  8. In the Actions box on the right hand side of the page, click “Make an Appeal”.
  9. In the Documents drop down, choose the Appeal Committee Submission you created.
  10. In the Grounds for Appeal, type “See Appeal Committee submission”.
  11. Click “Make Appeal”. The appeal will be made and you will be returned to the Submissions tab.
  12. Click on the “Details” tab and in the box “Alerts”, click “create”
  13. Click “User Roles” and select “Legal Services: Submissions Inbox” from the dropdown.
  14. In the Description box, type “Appeal submitted on this case”
  15. The “action due” and “delivery date” fields will default to today’s date. These can be left as they are.
  16. Click “include email” and “acknowledgement required”.
  17. Click “Save Alert”.

Completed submissions, along with all relevant documents relating to the decision should be forwarded/made available on EOS to Legal Services in good time to facilitate the collation and circulation of documents to the appeal committee members. Do not submit documents that are not relevant to the question of whether or not to grant a legal aid certificate. Do not forward any additional documentation at appeal stage unless it is information that has come to light since the decision to refuse was made.