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After Appointment Details

When an appointment is not kept ( “no-show” and/or cancelled):

  • Click “P1 cancelled” and/or “P2 cancelled”; “P1 no-show” and/or “P2 no-show” whichever is relevant for the appointment.
  • Fill in the “Reason for Session Cancellation” and click “notified 1st party” and “notified 2nd party” (this is a reminder to admin staff to inform the other party of the cancellation and click “Cancel this Session”. 

Cancellation of Appointments

Appointments are deemed cancelled in the following situations:

  • When a client declines an offer of an appointment
  • When a client rings or leaves a voice mail informing us they cannot attend
  • When the mediator cannot attend
  • Office is closed due to adverse weather conditions
  • There is a “no show” by both/either party.

Refilling cancelled “1st Joint Mediation” appointments is the responsibility of the Clerical Officer.  Mediators and Clerical Officer take cognisance of cancellation policies when reoffering appointments (See Appendix G - Cancellation Policy).  If there is a short notice cancellation and there is no prospect/time to refill this appointment, the Mediator can choose to use this time for “Writing up Agreement” appointments and update the diary accordingly with this session type.

Office closes due to adverse weather conditions

Managing Mediators will take responsibility to make contact with LABFMS staff and clients informing them of office closures. 

Reschedule Of Appointments

  • The option to “Reschedule” appointments is used in the following situations:
  • Changing the appointment type.
  • Changing appointment time (not the date).
  • Change mediator (same date appointment)
  • When clients (active) are given an option of appointment dates (by mediator) and they decline the 1st offer in preference for 2nd offer appointment. 

As a “Reschedule” of appointment overwrites the record of previous appointment, this option is not used to cancel appointments.