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Finalising cases

Cases are closed by Clerical Officers when:

  1. P1 or P2 inform CO, they no longer wish to attend (ascertain reason if possible and inform Mediator and other party).

These cases are closed by clicking on “Quick Tasks” followed by “Change Case Status” and choosing from the drop down field: “Closed: Did not attend 1st Med Session” – in first instance and suitable and relevant option for second instance.  Remember to “Save Changes”.

Cases are closed by the Mediator when:

  • the couple have reached agreement (written/unwritten);
  • the couple do not wish to proceed with mediation after the first joint mediation session;
  • the couple or mediator decide to terminate mediation through the course of mediation.

Similarly choose the appropriate narrative from the drop down menu and save the changes to close the case appropriately.  Cases move from “active” to “closed”.

Finalising cases 1

When clients reach agreement, Mediation Settlement is prepared.  This is available as a template on the Case Tracking for download.  All agreements are typed in Microsoft Word (Shared Office Drive), which will be formatted and proofread before binding and sent to clients.  The copy of the Mediation Settlement is then uploaded to the clients’ case.  Letters accompany this Medition Settlement to both clients, accessible under “templates”, “Full agreement letter P1/P2”.  

Finalising cases 2

Finalising cases 3

When clients reach Agreement (written and/or unwritten), information is sought by the mediator and recorded to ascertain how P1 and P2 are proceeding with their Mediated Settlement.  The drop down menu offers a list of Law Centres, option for Private Solicitor and/or did not disclose intentions which require completion for both P1 and P2. This data will form the basis of monthly stats, tracking the route clients take on completion with mediation.  

On Reaching Agreement:

Finalising cases 4