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Office meetings

Managers must hold office meetings not less than once a month. They should be held at a time when the majority of staff are available to attend the meeting. If the meeting is held during office opening hours, at least one staff member (normally the Reception person) must remain in the office to deal with public queries.

Minutes must be taken and posted on the common drive no later than one week after the meeting, so that those not able to be present at the meeting will be able to keep track of what is going on.

It is good practice to rotate the position of secretary and chair of the meeting so that employees get experience of chairing meetings and taking minutes.

Procedure 2.13 – Organising an office meeting

  1. The chair and secretary of the meeting should meet with the managing solicitor and organise a time and date for the team meeting
  2. No later than one week before the meeting, the secretary should send an email to the office giving notice of the time and date of the team meeting and asking for agenda items.
  3. In a law centre, the agenda should contain some or all of the following items:
    1. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
    2. The law centre’s objectives for the year, as set out in the business plan, and progress in relation to those objectives including progress on new cases taken on and cases completed
    3. Maximising the use of EOS
    4. New applications
    5. Leave and flexi time
    6. Typing and post backlogs
    7. Difficulties with clients
    8. Monitoring law centre email inbox
    9. Scanning
    10. Appointments for new clients
    11. Risk register
    12. Time frames and statutory deadlines
    13. Progress of existing files
    14. Staff development including cross skilling and internal mobility
    15. Legal issues that present
    16. File reviews
    17. Administrative Procedures Handbook including recent changes
    18. Circular on Legal Services including recent changes
    19. Health and safety including fire drills, safety drills and first aid training
    20. Any customer service issues
    21. Reports from work groups / regional meetings etc
    22. Any other business
    23. Chair and secretary for next meeting

If the office has a representative on a committee or Work Group, they should also be invited to give a short update on the work of that committee/Work Group and take questions.

In other offices, there appropriate agenda items may include some of the above.

4. No later than 24 hours before the meeting, the secretary should send a reminder to all staff that the meeting will take place and circulate the agenda.
5. After the meeting, the minutes should be drafted within 48 hours and sent to the manager for approval. They should be then posted to the common drive in a directory “Team Meetings” which should be contained in the root directory of the common drive.
6. An email should be sent to advise staff of the completed minutes