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Other office procedures

In certain special cases some of this information may not apply or may differ slightly. Ask your manager or Governance and Organisation for details.

Taxis or cars should be hired only when there is no suitable public transport available.

Applicable to law centres only:

In law centres, where taxis are used to travel to/from Court, an arrangement should be made with a local taxi or hackney service, if such an arrangement is not already in place, and payments made from the law centre’s local bank account. A separate heading, e.g. Court Travel, should be used for this expenditure and included in the law centre’s monthly bank returns to Finance Unit. This is essential in order to facilitate the effective monitoring and review by Head Office of this arrangement.

The Board provides a number of mobile phones for the use of staff.

All mobile phone bills are paid by direct debit by the Board.  It is the responsibility of the manager in each office to monitor use of mobile phones. Payments are monitored by Organisation to ensure that no unauthorised levels of usage occur.

Staff who use the Board’s mobile phones are required to contribute towards personal calls under the Board’s mobile phone usage policy.

The Board has a contract for all IT consumables with Datapac. All orders for IT consumables must be made via IT Unit by emailing the address IT Cahirciveen. Orders for IT consumables may not be made over the phone. 

Datapac will deliver on a next day basis so there is no need for offices to hold stock of IT consumables. On receipt of goods, the Delivery Docket should be checked against goods ordered, date stamped, and approved for payment by a member of staff on-site, before being sent to IT Cahirciveen by DX. Invoices will only be processed by IT Cahirciveen on receipt of a delivery docket, date stamped and approved for payment.

IT Cahirciveen should be notified immediately re any issues surrounding receipt of incorrect goods so that corrective action can be taken immediately. Once goods are returned within an agreed time frame, the Board will not be liable for any associated costs

The Government Supplies Agency from time to time awards contracts for the supply of stationery and office supplies to Government Departments and Offices, including the Legal Aid Board. The current contract is with Codex Limited.  Governance and Organisation will notify offices if there are changes to the procedure which may be made from time to time.

Orders should be placed by offices directly with the contractor. Offices must keep proper records of all transactions entered into with the contractor and information as to the cost, quantity and type of goods purchased from the contractor.  Managers must nominate a member of staff to organise office supplies. 

Offices must keep office stationary e.g. biros, sellotape, document wallets, headed paper, judicature paper, paper clips, message books etc., in a designated stationary press or storeroom. The nominated staff member should be informed where stocks of particular items are running low. Offices order their everyday supplies directly from the company to whom the contract has been awarded

Requests for items other than those mentioned on the list should be requested from Governance and Organisation in writing. Sanction may then be given, depending on the request, to purchase from the recommended supplier

Toner for photocopiers and fax machines are ordered from Governance and Organisation.

All invoices are to be forwarded to Governance and Organisation who will process them for payment.

These are generally ordered in bulk by Head Office and distributed to offices. Amendments to the Information Leaflets are the responsibility of Civil Operations / Family Mediation Operations (as appropriate) and decisions in relation to amount of stock required by Head Office are the responsibility of Governance and Organisation. The office should ensure that the full complement of leaflets are available in the Reception area.

Electronic versions of most Acts of the Oireachtas, Statutory Instruments, and pre-1948 Statutory Rules and Orders are available for free on www.irishstatutebook.ie which is available to all staff as part of the LAB Standard Internet Access List. 

We have a subscription to JustisOne which has the full text of the Irish Reports from 1838 to date, and Westlaw which has cases from the Irish Law Reports Monthly. More recent judgements are available on www.courts.ie and www.bailii.org.

Applicable to law centres only:

In non-family law cases, the Courts charge fees to allow court documents to be filed. This process is known as “stamping” because the fee concerned is called “stamp duty” and proof of payment is shown in the form of a stamp affixed to the document.

We have  been provided with a machine by Courts Service to allow the Board to stamp its own documents. The page of the document that needs to be stamped should be emailed to Court Stamping, along with the amount of stamp duty to be paid. Finance will send back the stamped document by return email. The documents can also be sent by post/DX to Finance.

Specific procedures apply in relation to deeds of transfer, which also need to be stamped. For more details see è Circular on Legal Services.

 Some offices are units that are part of a larger building/complex. In these instances the building is normally managed by a Management Company to whom the Board will pay a service charge under the term of its lease.

The service charge usually pays for the upkeep of the building and for the upkeep of the common areas under headings such as lighting, cleaning, heating etc.  Any issues that arise must be reported to Governance and Organisation.

Some offices, depending on their location, are subject to payment of water charges and refuse charges to Irish Water and/or the refuse company. All invoices are to be forwarded to Governance and Organisation who will process them for payment.

A number of offices have had water cooler/filter systems purchased.  All invoices are to be forwarded to Governance and Organisation who will process them for payment.

Cleaning services and linen supply contracts are tendered through Head Office. If there is a problem with the cleaning or linen supply contracts company, the office should try sort it out themselves. If the problem persists/cannot be resolved locally, the office should contact Organisation. All invoices are to be forwarded to Governance and Organisation who will process them for payment.

Cleaning products which are not supplied by a contract cleaning services can be purchased locally and reimbursed from petty cash.

Window cleaning is included in the cleaning services contract tendered through Head Office. The current supplier is Grosvenor.  External window cleaning must be requested through Organisation and all invoices are to be forwarded to Governance and Organisation who will process them for payment.

Should an office need to repair or replace an item of furniture they must contact Governance and Organisation where the request will be dealt with appropriately. Every year an inventory of all office furniture and equipment must be completed.