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Completing the End of Year Review

The End of Year Review should where possible be completed in December/January of each year. It is recognised that in order to make the reviews more meaningful, reviews with solicitors should be deferred until a level of information is available in relation to the solicitor’s case throughput and case mix in the year in question and comparative information in relation to case throughput in other centres / regions. This information should be available by no later than the middle of February and the reviews should take place as soon as possible thereafter.

If a staff member transfers out of the law centre, the End of Year Review should be completed prior to their departure.

The End of Year Review incorporates a self-appraisal by the staff member of how he / she has performed during the year, an appraisal by the manager, and a rating. There is also an opportunity for upward feedback.

Procedure 11.3 – Holding the End of Year Review meeting

  1. The staff member and Managing Solicitor should confirm the date for their end of year review. In the case of solicitors, this date should be arranged as soon as there is information available about the solicitor’s case throughput and case mix and comparative information about case throughput in other centres / regions.
  2. The Jobholder should complete the End of Year review form and submit it to their managing solicitor.
  3. A discussion should then take place between the Managing Solicitor and the staff member based on the performance in the review period.
  4. Following discussion with the staff member, the Managing Solicitor should complete the assessment of performance and the rating. In reviewing performance, account should be taken of the agreed goals, tasks, competencies, learning and development and any attendance issues that might have arisen during the year that have impacted on performance. The Managing Solicitor and staff member should agree the assessment of performance by signing off on this part of the form.
  5. The “Feedback Conversation” is optional, but it is recommended that it is completed.