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Completing the Mid-year Review

The Mid-year Review allows the manager and staff member to reassess the objectives and key deliverables set out in Goal Setting, to measure progress in relation to the key deliverables and to make the appropriate changes for the remaining six months of the year.

At the time of completing Goal Setting, the staff member and manager should agree a date for completion of the Mid-year Review. When agreeing this date managers should bear in mind any Term-Time Leave arrangements that may have been approved for the staff member in question. Where this occurs, the staff member’s Mid-year Review should be completed prior to the commencement of term-time leave.

Procedure 11.2 – Holding the Mid-year Review

  1. The staff member and managing solicitor should arrange the date for their Mid-year Review and the time.
  2. In advance of the meeting, the staff member should complete the  Mid-year Review on ePMDS.
  3. At the meeting, the staff member and managing solicitor should discuss their drafts and any performance issues. The staff member may give upward feedback.
  4. The staff member should submit a revised Mid-year Review based on the meeting and present this to the managing solicitor. If both are happy with the revised version, then it may be signed off on, otherwise steps 3-4 need to be repeated.