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ePMDS and goal setting

At the start of the year, the managing solicitor and staff member must meet and complete  Goal Setting for each staff member and for the year ahead. Generic templates are available on iLAB. In the case of managing solicitors it is likely that his or her Goal Setting will be discussed and agreed with the Director of Civil Legal Aid/Regional Manager over the telephone.

PMDS is completed on online. An electronic PMDS form (ePMDS) for each staff member is available on the National Shared Services Office website at www.peoplepoint.ie. NSSO will send you an email when each year’s form is available. The form can be approved electronically by your manager on the same website, or returned to you for revision. There is no need to print out or sign the form. There is no longer any need for returns to be made to Human Resources.

To use the templates on iLAB, but you will need to copy and paste from the Word document into ePMDS.

Where a staff member joins a law centre mid-year, they should, as soon as possible after their start date, agree their goal setting with their managing solicitor. The Goal Setting form of the staff member they are replacing may be used, alternatively, the generic precedent form, appropriately customised, may be used.

Procedure 11.1 – Goal setting

  1. The staff member and managing solicitor should agree a time and date for goal setting(to take place no later than 31st January of each year, subject to NSSO making the form available by that date).
  2. In advance of the goal setting meeting, the staff member should complete the Goal Setting form on ePMDS
    Note: It is a requirement for all Managing Solicitors (Grades 1 & 2), and any other staff who have staff reporting to them, to include the Goal 1 “Manage the performance of all staff reporting to me” in their Goal Setting section.
  3. In advance of the goal setting meeting, the staff member should submit the draft Goal Setting to their managing solicitor.
  4. At the meeting, the staff member and managing solicitor should discuss the draft Goal Setting. They should identify which competencies need to be developed over the coming year. Based on that, they should complete together a draft Learning and Development Plan. They should also agree a date in June/July for the completion of the Mid-year Review. The manager should then click “Return to Jobholder”.
  5. The staff member should make changes to their Goal Setting based on the discussion at the PMDS meeting.
  6. The staff member should submit their updated Goal Setting (including LDP) to the managing solicitor. If both are happy with the updated versions, then they may be signed off on (by clicking “Sign Off”), otherwise steps 3-5 need to be repeated until ready to be signed off.