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Apply for civil legal aid and advice online

You can now apply for civil legal aid and advice online, if you live in the Republic of Ireland and have access to a personal computer with internet access. Before you apply online we strongly recommend that you read the below information carefully.

What do I need to apply?

You will need access to a personal computer with internet access. You will need to have to hand:

  • A payslip/P60, social welfare receipt, or Notice of Assessment from Revenue/Audited Accounts
  • Details of any other income you receive (e.g. maintenance payments)
  • Details of your income tax, PRSI, and USC payments (these will be on your payslip or Notice of Assessment).
  • Details of your monthly mortgage/rent payments
  • Approximate values of all of your capital assets except the house you live in
  • Values of any savings you have
  • Outstanding amounts on any loans/debts that you have

Can I check if I might be eligible before I apply?

Yes, you can use the online financial eligibility calculator.

The eligibility calculator checks your income and assets to see if you financially qualify for legal aid. It does not send any information to us and any information you enter is deleted afterwards.

The eligibility calculator only checks if you might financially qualify for legal aid. It will not tell you if you can actually get legal aid for your particular case. Your legal problem must be one that is covered by civil legal aid and if you need representation in court, we will examine the merits of your case.

Can I use the online application if I live outside the Republic of Ireland?

No. Click here for more information on applying for legal aid if you live outside the Republic of Ireland.

Can I apply for legal aid to assist with an asylum application online?

No. Click here for more information on applying for legal aid for international protection in Ireland.

Can I use a smartphone or tablet to apply for legal aid online?

The online application is designed to work with all phones, tablets and personal computers etc.


"Why do I need legal services?"

When completing the "why do I need legal services" section of the application form you should set out fully the nature of your legal problem. You do not need to use legal terminology (though if you know the correct legal term for the matter, it is helpful to use it). If there are legal proceedings already in being you should give details and if there is a court date please let us know and what court it is for (e.g. Dolphin House, Cork Circuit Court etc). If your case is to do with an injury you have suffered or which involves an alleged breach of a duty of care, then it is very important that you let us know when the injury/alleged breach occurred and/or when you became aware of it.

While it is helpful for us to know as much detail as possible there is no need in most instances to use any more than the space provided in the box.

How do I apply online?

Apply for civil legal aid and advice online

Please note, you must close the browser window when you are finished. You will be only able to make one online application in any one browser session.

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Am I Eligible?

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