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Customer Charter - Our Commitment to You

 Our Commitment to You

  •  Customer Care and Quality Service:
  •  the legal needs of our customers and the most appropriate means of resolving the issues involved will always be identified
  • we will provide a timely and quality service consistent with the terms of the statutory scheme
  • customers will receive a first appointment with a solicitor and/or mediator as quickly as possible
  • where it is not possible to give our customer an appointment with a solicitor and/or mediator in a timely manner, we will keep our customer informed


  • we will respect and maintain the confidentiality of our customers
  • we will provide the necessary facilities to ensure the privacy of consultations

Integrity/Professional standards:

  • we will provide a service which incorporates the professional standards required of public service staff in general and legal practitioners and mediators in particular
  • we will ensure our front line staff are trained to provide a professional Customer service

Efficiency and cost effectiveness:

  • we will provide an efficient and value for money service in all areas of our operations
  • we will operate systems for case management and case monitoring to ensure maximum throughput of cases without compromising the appropriate, professional standards

Consistency :

  •  at all times we will operate our services in a consistent manner as between applicants for our services while recognising that each case will have individual characteristics


  • comprehensive, accurate and timely information will be provided about the Boards services in the form of Information leaflets;
  • our Information leaflets will be written to the greatest extent possible, in plain language and in an easy to understand format;
  • we will maintain an accessible, comprehensive and updated website at www.legalaidboard.ie;
  • copies of our Information leaflets and appropriate forms will always be available in all of our work locations;
  • customers will be informed of their entitlements and obligations under the Civil Legal Aid Act;
  • we will promptly provide clear and correct information when it is requested - and in cases where we cannot release information, we will explain why.