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How do I Make an Appointment for Mediation?

  1. Phone one of the offices to express your interest in attending mediation or if you are attending a court-based office you can just drop in.
  2. We will ask you to provide your contact details in order to open a new file.
  3. Your spouse/partner needs to contact the same office as well, to confirm his/her interest in attending mediation. You should let them know that you would like them to do so. In some cases, you might have difficulty communicating with your spouse/partner. If this is the case, we can (if you would like us to) send a letter to your spouse/partner letting them know you have registered and inviting them to contact us for further information about the service.
  4. Once both of you have confirmed that you are interested, you will be placed on a waiting list.
  5. We will let you know (by letter or phone) when your appointment will be.

Find a Mediation Office

There are seventeen offices nationwide, eight full time and nine part time. There are also a number of court-based mediation offices located in some District Courts.

Our mediation offices have no child-minding facilities. We cannot allow children under 14 years to be brought into the mediation office while their parents are at a mediation session.