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Private Practitioner Scheme - International Protection

The Civil Legal Aid Act 1995 (“the Act”) provides that the Legal Aid Board (“the Board”) may establish and maintain a panel of solicitors who are willing to provide legal aid and advice to persons who are in receipt of legal services.

Arising from the enactment of the International Protection Act 2015 and the introduction of the “single procedure” the Board has now decided to establish and maintain a panel of solicitors who are willing to provide services to persons who have been granted legal services by the Board for the purpose of:

  • advice and / or representation in relation to an application under the International Protection Act 2015 for asylum, subsidiary protection and leave to remain; and
  • for all matters previously covered by the Private Practitioner Asylum and related issues Panel.

The Panel is to be known as the Private Practitioners International Protection Panel (“the Panel”).

Panel of Solicitors

Any solicitor/firm wishing to be considered, in accordance with the terms and conditions, to have his, her or their name placed on the Panel must apply in writing to the Board via the application form. The solicitor/firm must give an undertaking to comply with these terms and conditions and the provisions of the Act when providing legal aid and/or advice.

Fees payable

There is a standard scale of fees payable per case to solicitors/firms on the Panel for the provision of services. Claims may be made on the CF 1 Claim form