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Applying for civil legal aid and advice

Apply online

You can now apply for civil legal aid and advice online, if you live in the Republic of Ireland and have access to a PC/laptop with internet access.

Apply by post or in person

Alternatively you can apply by calling into, telephoning or writing to your nearest law centre. You should fully complete the application form which is available here in a printable format and return it to the law centre. If you live in Dublin and you have a family law case that is going to be heard in the District Court that sits at Dolphin House (in Temple Bar), you should apply for legal aid at our office there.

We have a guide to completing the application form. A staff member in the law centre can also help you.

What happens next?

Whether you apply online, by post, or in person, the process is the same. We will look at your application and see if you can get legal advice, based on what your disposable income and assets are

The next step is to arrange an appointment with a solicitor. In most of our law centres, we receive more applications than our solicitors can offer appointments and so there is a waiting period.  We will, however, try to give you an appointment within four months to give you advice on your problem. You might have to wait longer before we can provide further services to you, such as writing letters, negotiating with the other side, or representing you in Court. The law centre will tell you how long you are likely to have to wait.  For some types of disputes we will give you an appointment as soon as possible.

Your solicitor will usually try to resolve your dispute without going to Court, if that is possible. If your dispute cannot be resolved without going to Court – for example, if the other party has already begun legal proceedings - your solicitor will have to apply for a legal aid certificate which allows them to represent you in Court. We will look at the merits of the case at this stage.

I am applying for International Protection in Ireland and need legal aid

You should fill out the application form to apply for legal aid for an asylum claim and return it to our law centre at 48-49 North Brunswick Street, Smithfield, Dublin D07 PE0C as soon as possible.

I live in another EU member state and need legal aid in Ireland

If you live in another member state of the European Union (including Northern Ireland, but not Denmark) and want to apply for legal aid in Ireland, you should fill out the EU legal aid application form.

You can return the application form to the legal aid authority in your home country or to us. We will make the decision on whether or not you can get legal aid in Ireland - the only thing the legal aid authority in your home country will do is forward the form to us.

I need legal aid in another EU member state

If you need legal aid in another EU member state (including Northern Ireland, but not Denmark), you should complete the EU legal aid application form (also available as a Microsoft Word document) and return to us at Legal Aid Board, Quay Street, Co. Kerry V23 RD36. The decision on whether or not you will get legal aid will be made by the legal aid authority in the country where the case will be. We will not make that decision.

I live in Denmark or outside the EU and need legal aid in Ireland

You should complete the standard application form and return it to Legal Aid Board, Quay Street, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry V23 RD36.

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